Welcome Upgraders.

As an Upgrader you have identified that it is time to change from your current home. This may be for many reasons – children and family, career and hobbies, and even simply because you want to! So while you have an understanding of what goes into buying land and building, it is still important you make the right decisions and understand what you are after. Here at Cosgrove Estate we have enough experience in the Sales team to guide you through this process again.

So how does this all begin?

Understand the market again, look at prices measure up against value and visit your bank or financial institution to understand your financial position again, make sure you can afford to make this change

Have you got your current home on the market, what is the existing house market doing in regards to prices and values in your area, speak to a professional real estate agent. Get an understanding of what your home is worth

With Finance out of the way, look at location, what lots are appealing to you, have a drive around Cosgrove Estate and then come into the Land Sales Office to talk to the Sales team. They can share with you what lots are available now and can even mention whats coming up in future stages

Once you have an idea on what land is available its time to think about what the house will look like and how it will sit on a block of land. Time to talk to the experts. The Sales team see plenty of house plans and talk regularly to builders. They can assist in the process of talking to a builder and then this will give you a better understanding of what you can achieve. 

Have you Thought About

  • Your true budget, not only to build but to furnish and add those extra options, shed, pool, etc
  • How do you want to live in the house, what is your lifestyle like now than previously? Has your family increased, how is their lifestyle going to suit
  • Location is still important - are you looking for something different, maybe you want a view, maybe you want a park or a corner block