Welcome First Home Buyers (FHB).

Congratulations on taking the first step to owning your own home. As a FHB this entire exciting process can seem daunting and overwhelming, however you can rest assured at Cosgrove Estate we give you plenty of help and make it easy and simple.


Have you talked to a bank or financial institution? You should start with knowing how much you can afford to buy land and build a house. We have several contacts available for you if you need assistance.

With finance taken care of, now you can start looking at what block or lot of land you would like. Drive through Cosgrove, see what lots are available and then come in and speak to the Sales Team in the Land Sales Office. They can give you some further details as well as let you know about future blocks coming up. Ask them about the Masterplan and once you see this you can figure out what is going to suit you the best.

Now you have an idea about land, you are ready to talk about the house to go on it. Again this is where they Sales Team can assist. The Land Sales Offices have a selection of House Designs which suit our blocks and they can give you a few designs to begin with. 


  • Your true budget, not only to build but to furnish and add those extra options.
  • How do you want to live in the house, what is your lifestyle like, do you entertain a lot?
  • What about duration, have you thought about how long you want to live in this house, often you should build a good simple house that you don't over capitalise on.
  • Location is still important - what is appealing to you on where the house should be, maybe you want a view, maybe you want a park or a corner block.