Welcome Investors.

For you the time has come to invest in your future and this means property. Property that is easy to rent in a good location and will provide financial benefit long term. As with any investment there are certain issues to be aware of and this is where our Sales team can assist.

how can we help you & where should you start?

Are you fully aware of the reasons you are choosing to invest? Have you sought out professional and legal advice from both a bank, financial institution and accountant. People tend to invest in property in several different ways; with super, to reduce tax, and to negative or positive gear. We encourage you to begin some research on the best options for you.

Once you have a good solid idea of your position look at what is renting well, speak to our Land Sales team and ask them how many “FOR RENT” signs they see in Cosgrove. Generally renters are looking for the same thing, location, house with no maintenance concerns, affordable. You want to feel comfortable that you are investing in an area that will attract a range of tenants.

So now you have an idea of your financial position and know what renters are after,  you are now ready to proceed to build a house to meet your needs as an investor and those of your potential tenants. Revisit our Sales team, they can show you House and Land packages that are suitable for investments. Remember they are the experts when it comes to knowing what works well in an estate.

Have you thought about…

  • Valuations, make sure you are not over capitalising
  • Look to build a house that you also like, you never know if you have to live in it yourself at some point
  • Be realistic on who you want and what rent you will need