What is a Covenant?

When you purchase one of our lots of land and prior to building, you will be issued with a covenant booklet. It is a binding document that stipulates how you can build in the estate. It is there to protect your investment and maintain the overall aesthetic of the estate.

How long do I have to build my house after I buy land?

Parkside Development allows you 12 months to start building on your block of land, however if you are unable to meet this timeframe, Parkside Development are willing to look at relaxations based on your circumstances.

Should I buy land first and then look for a builder or should I go to a builder first?

If you are driving around and having a look, often a block will jump out at you and for some it might be a corner block or one close to a park etc. If you see the block often best to visit Land Sales and start the process. Our land sales agents are highly trained and will work with you on a solution and source a block that best suits your budget, home desires and lifestyle.

Should I use a lawyer or can I do the purchase of land myself?

We recommend you seek the services of a professional licensed legal representative to be part of the process. They offer independent advice and have access to resources to make the purchase and settlement easy.

Can I make my contract “subject to finance approval”?

Yes you can put this clause into your land contract. You would then need to talk to a bank and or other financial institution to gain finance approval for the required purchase price. Once you have approval from the bank or other financial institution you are in a position to settle on the land purchase.

Do your blocks flood?

Parkside Development ensure that the block of land we deliver to our residents are constructed to the requirements of the Townsville City Council, all of our lots are built to or above the Q100 bench mark.

Do I have to pay for fencing?

Parkside Development recommend that you pay a half share of the standard boundary fencing if it is installed before your purchase the land. If the fencing is not there at the time of construction you may need to pay full share. Your builder will assist you with this as they will be your build contractors.

How many rentals properties are there?

Like all areas across Townsville, regardless if they are new or old suburbs will have rental properties, however as Cosgrove Estate is new our covenants ensure that these and all properties are kept to a high standard.

Can I have a shed?

Parkside Development welcomes our residents to have a shed to store their goods, as long as it meets the covenant and Townsville City Council requirements.

Can I build with my builder of choice?

Parkside Development have a range of builder partners we recommend, however you are welcome to use your builder of choice.

What is your deposit amount?

Parkside Development do not require a deposit on any of our standard Contracts of Sale.